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Easy tips to reduce mobile data usage in Android iPhone-simple how to tricks

Easy tips to reduce mobile data usage in Android iPhone-simple how to tricks

Easy tips to reduce mobile data usage in Android iPhone-simple how to tricks
Smartphone is a great invention. But money matters when you buy and use it. Simply texting and calling won’t make a smartphone to differ greatly from a traditional mobile phone. But you need data to have fun and enjoy fun activities like social networking, email, surfing, music streaming, vide chat/conference etc. But mobile bill not Fun! Continue reading if you ask, ‘I am using more data, my smartphone consumes more data and monthly bill is more than what I expect? What is the solution to reduce data usage in mobile phones?’

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How to reduce mobile data usage in iPhone Android smartphones?
Proper shut down – Ensure you close the apps and background tasks properly because some apps can run in background consuming data and power significantly. If you use Apple iPhone then you double tap the Home button which will show the still open applications and tasks.

Updates – Never try to update the apps or follow the update notifications. If PC is available then perform an update in PC and later sync with USB cable or Bluetooth to your smartphone devices with less battery power.

Instant Messengers – Practice to use the instant messenger service like BBM BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp Messenger etc. This will greatly reduce the data usage because the messenger will use minimal data when compared to the traditional texting.

Roaming Alerts – Know the roaming rates for data usage especially when you travel to other states or countries. Don’t surprise to see multi fold bill amount when you use data unknowingly during roaming. Instead you can subscribe to the cheap roaming rates OR disable the data usage in roaming through settings.

Effective communication – Consider the effective means of surfing internet and using email services. If a particular email is not critical to be sent immediately then you can wait and push it from your computer or laptop.

Wi-Fi settings –You can turn of the WiFi data streaming when you use the same in a café, hotel or airport lounge.

Choose Smart Apps – Always do a research before downloading an application. Onavo report says that Apple Maps can consume only 1/5 of the data used by Google Maps. Also while using, if option is there to switch to basic HTML mode use it which will save you data and time as well.

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