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How to check balance amount withdraw account online?

How to check balance amount withdraw account online?

Epfoservices.in PF e-Passbook download How to check balance amount withdraw account online?
Employee’s Provident Fund Organization India. EPF India online portal is available to check the PF balance of all employees in India who have the valid PF account.

epf passbook download online

What is PF E-Passbook? Balance check tips
E-Passbook is an online status book of your Provident Fund maintained with EPFIndia services. You can download the PF epassbook online in PDF format and check your PF status and PF credits every month.

How to download PF passbook?
Register to view PF balance in E-passbook. members.epfoservices.in. Login with your EPF number in the member portal online.

Click and Follow the E Passbook link.

Select the State in which PF account is maintained. Select the Region EPF office also.

Now enter the code number, EPF Account number and Name. Now you will receive a PIN to the registered mobile number. If not received server is busy and try after some time.

After entering the valid PIN you will get a link to download the EPF Passbook. Download and save in your PC computer. If you don’t select ‘I Agree’ check box, PIN entry box will not appear.

If you get a message, “You Have Entered Invalid Members Id or Name”, then it means you have entered wrong/invalid Code and Account number details.

E-Passbook will show you the Month, date of account transactions. Contact the EPFO office if entries are missed for months, wrong name etc.
If you have left the job/company, you should request for the PF passbook and it will be processed. Passbook will not be available if the account is settled or if there is no transactions for 36 months (3 years).
PF accounts of exempted or discontinued organizations will not be displayed and maintained.

PF amount withdraw facts
You can make partial PF withdrawal. To take a loan in your PF account or withdraw money from PF balance, visit the regional PF accounts office. Get the appropriate application form and fill the details like Provident Fund number, Employee Name, Address, Company/Organization and the amount required in Rupees. Interest on PF loan is applicable.

Also when you terminate your job or when you retire you can close the PF account and withdraw the amount. Else you can carry forward the PF balance and link with the PF account of new company job.

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