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Endorphins keep you stay fit healthy and younger through daily exercises

Endorphins keep you stay fit healthy and younger through daily exercises

Role of Endorphins-Know you H factor value through daily exercises to stay fit- An article on anti aging tips and exercises.

How Endorphins, the happy hormones help you to stay relaxed without tension? It’s all related to exercises that can even delay your aging process.

Happiness of human being is not made, not bought; rather they are experienced. Endorphins are the happy hormones that are released by our brain whenever we feel relaxed. This can be felt after a work-out, great meal, good laugh etc.

Environment in which we stay plays a vital role in keeping us happy. Good stimulants are mindset, spiritual thoughts, good exercises etc.

Role of Endorphins

Since these hormones are found to reduce the stress they are called as Happy Hormones. Ageing is a natural process and cannot be stopped by artificial surgeries or Ayurvedic treatments or natural medicine. But regular exercises can keep you to stay fit and helps in the production of more endorphins hormones which will give you a young look.

Endorphins are morphine like substance found in the brain. It also increases immunity and relieves the pain. Endorphins kill the harm causing cells in our body. There are no medicines to produce to stimulate endorphins but can be induced through regular exercise.

How to achieve Endorphin effect?

How to stay young at old age? How to look younger? To see complete result, one has to workout for at least half an hour a day which is 30 minutes. Stay in the endorphin zone when brain produces more endorphins to stay fit, healthy and young.
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