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List of foods that can cause bladder irritation troubles

List of foods that can cause bladder irritation troubles

Bladder is getting irritated by the junk and useless food that we take. We do eat healthy diet but we need a little thinking whether the food is a balanced diet or not. Imbalanced diet can make your bladder overactive and feel irritated.

Here is a list of common food that can cause bladder irritation – bladder irritants

Spicy foods can induce the bladder symptoms. If you suffer from acidic related problems and bladder issues, then try cooking foods without adding pepper. Avoid hot sauces and raw onions. Irritation in bladder would be less if cooked onions are taken.

Avoid carbonated beverages and drinks. Spring water is 1000 times better than the drinks made with carbon dioxide like soft drinks, fizzy drinks, soda, seltzer etc.

bladder irritation symptoms

Alcohol can stimulate bladder and is diuretic. Skip wine after dinner and check your health; you can feel the difference.

Acidic fruits and fruit juices can do the better job in irritating the bladder. Pineapple, tomatoes can also irritate. Blueberries and pears are better alternatives.

Caffeine is also diuretic and induces urination by stimulating the bladder muscles. Avoid tea, coffee, chocolate bars etc. Also avoid products with ingredients as caffeine.

Artificial sweeteners are better at bladder irritants. If you are in deadly wish, use real sugar instead of artificial sugar. Artificial sweeteners are found in sugar free desserts, diet foods, diet sodas etc.

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