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Brush Cellulite Away From Your Skin

Brush Cellulite Away From Your Skin

Any woman seeing the display of dimpled skin around her thighs and buttocks for the first time will most understandably feel panicked. True, cellulite does look quite unattractive, but there are some easy treatments you can do to minimize their appearance on your skin. The skin brushing cellulite technique is one that plenty of women and men (yes, men do get cellulite) of all ages and sizes (yes, you can get cellulite even if you’re skinny) all over the world follow as a simple technique to get rid of that cottage cheese look that can sometimes make you shun shorts and low-waist pants.

The first step is to select a brush that feels firm yet gentle when you brush it on your skin. A brush with tough bristles can scratch your skin, and too soft bristles won’t stimulate your skin at all. There are special cellulite scrubbers for sale that you can get, but a washcloth or loofah works just as well. You can brush your skin dry, or you can try soothing aromatherapy oils too. It is best to dry brush early in the morning, when you wake up, as the gentle brush strokes can feel amazingly good as they rouse you up.

It is advised that you start brushing your hands and feet, then gently stroke your way towards your heart. Do not brush away from your heart, since this is said to put extra pressure on your vessels and may cause varicose veins. After you’ve brushed your body all over, go back to cellulite-prone areas such as the stomach, legs and butt. Keep your strokes lighter on more sensitive skin like the upper arms and thighs, and harder on tougher areas such as the soles of your feet. After dry brushing, a warm shower is recommended to further help you how to remove cellulite and reveal your fresh, smooth, glowing skin.


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