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A Funny Weight Loss Story

A Funny Weight Loss Story

Food was a very big part of my life before. I have always cherished and loved it. I enjoy every time I chew these delicacies. I was also very excited for every meal. My day wouldn’t be complete without eating at least two to three servings. I was happy with my life. Food, food, food! Excited filled my body when I heard I was getting braces. You know, like teens wear these metal things on their teeth. Braces align your teeth. “I wonder what I would look like with braces.” I thought to myself. The thought of me wearing these cool things on m teeth was too exciting. I see my classmates wearing braces and it looked good on them.

I was quite a researcher myself. As I researched about braces, I saw recent entries sent by numerous patients. I was shocked with one entry. “A month without food” “What is this???” I said to myself. I was really disappointed when I saw this. Braces actually tighten your teeth really hard, thus causing pain. The pain is so painful you can’t chew your food. “It couldn’t be that bad, anyway it was just one entry” I thought securely to myself. I was wrong. This is one of the weight lost methods you could try.

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It was the braces day. I took pictures of my teeth, this could be the last time I would see them crooked. I ate my supposedly last meal before my two week fasting. I arrived at the clinic scared, nervous and excited. The dentist arrived. We started immediately. After an hour or so, I got my first ever braces. The dentist decided to put braces on my upper jaw first because she wasn’t sure about the lower part.

I tried to chew peanuts which I asked from my sister. It was okay, no pain. “I could actually do this” I said. The next day was hell. I could eat, chew, bite, and even close my mouth. The pain was so intense! That was the start of the fasting. All I ate was liquefied dishes. I was getting thin. I began to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. It’s been a now since I got my braces. My eating habits were gone. I lost my appetite. I can’t even finish one meal in KFC. Get braces to lose weight!

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