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Belgian Malinois Breeds Specifications Pictures Puppies Breeds Guard Dogs

Belgian Malinois Breeds Specifications Pictures Puppies Breeds Guard Dogs

The Belgian Malinois is one of the varieties of four Belgian Sheperd sheepdogs. These dogs are normally sensitive, active and more obedient to the masters. It will not cooperate to the ring masters who are hard and harsh to them. These dogs are the best in class guard dogs. They do not suffer frequent health problems like normal guard dogs.

Belgian Malinois sheperd police dog

Belgian Malinois Specifications
A perfect Belgian Malinois dog is in square shape. This square shape is observed when the topline and legs of the Belgian Malinois is viewed from above.
The width and length are in same proportion. The skull looks flat in shape.
Belgian Malinois puppies have good market value as they look cute and strong enough in security.

Height: Dogs 24-26 inches
Weight: 55-65 pounds
Bitches 22-24 inches
Lips are tight and black in color.
Nose is in black color.
Eyes are brown, medium size and in the shape of almonds.
Scissors like teeth when met together.
Skin is weather resistant.
Strong tail with bone extending to the hock
Good police dogs.
Highly energetic
Run and chase for hours without change in efforts.
Life time ranges from 10-15 years.
Litter size from 1-10 puppies on an average.

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