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How to train Belgian Malinois Shepherd as Police Guard Dog? Training Tips

How to train Belgian Malinois Shepherd as Police Guard Dog? Training Tips

The Belgian Malinois shepherd dog is one of the most obedient dogs in the pet world. Under proper dog training even Belgian Malinois puppies can be a good guard dog for you. Basically, Belgian Malinois breeds are originated in Belgium. These are also known as Chien de Berger Belge, Mechelaar and Mechelse Herder. Training a dog is neither easy not difficult; it all depends on your goal. Meaning what you want your dog to be? Do you train your dog to guard you or to become a member of your family? Here some good tips to train your Belgian Malinois breed to obey and serve you at its best.

Belgian Malinois shepherd police dog training tips
Belgian Malinois Dog Training Tips
. Be a meek and kind master toward Belgian Malinois.

. Set social rules to get rid of shy and other sensitive nature/habits.

. Teach normal and easy rules to obey and follow you.

. Your training should be consistent; don’t dump all rules in a day.

. Teach watchful, alert habits to train as a police dog.

. Make this Belgian breed as one of your family members.

. Belgian Malinos dogs server at their best if they are not locked in a kennel.

. Arrange daily running and chasing sessions.

. Daily long walk is good for Belgian Malinois which make them live long for about 14 years.

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