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Blueberries to prevent breast cancer | blueberries cancer prevention

Blueberries to prevent breast cancer | blueberries cancer prevention

Natural medicines for breast cancer is rare in this world. But some natural medicines can prevent the effect and impact of breast cancer. Breast cancers are of several types and each of these type have their own progression characteristics. In addition to these differences at a cellular level, the mammary tumour cells can also distinguish themselves by the different proteins found on their surfaces. It is possible to classify breast cancers according to the presence of estrogen, progesterone or EGF receptors, three proteins that participate in the cancer’s growth and, therefore, progression. During a breast cancer diagnosis, an important step is identifying the presence or absence of one or the other of these receptors to determine the type of medication that should be used to fight the disease.

Types of Cancer | Common Cancer Types

What are the major types of cancer ? Types of Cancer,Common Cancer Types

. Bladder Cancer

. Breast Cancer

. Colon and Rectal Cancer

. Endometrial Cancer

. Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer

. Leukemia

. Lung Cancer

. Melanoma

. Mesothelioma cancer

. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

. Pancreatic Cancer

. Prostate Cancer

. Thyroid Cancer

Anti-cancerous Blueberries

Blueberries are a vital source of anti-cancerous phytochemical compounds. Theses anti-cancer chemicals can control the potential and growth rate cancer cells and can block the progression of triple negative breast cancers. Blueberry acts on s MDA-MB-231 cells. Addition of the blueberry extract completely blocked their production and blueberries have ability to move around responding to pro-cancerous stimuli. Even more interesting, the researchers showed that the inclusion of the blueberry extract to the diets of animals with trip negative mammary tumours resulted in a significant slowing in the growth of the tumour.

It also drastically reduced the activity of AKT and NF.B, two proteins known to play a significant role in the metastatic process of cancers. It should be noted that the quantity of blueberries needed to prevent cancer progression is about 100 grams for a 60 kilogram woman, an easily attainable target. While blueberry season is rolling on, these observations remind us that these tiny fruits are not only great tasting, but also a great tool in the prevention of certain cancers.

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