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The Real Skinny On How To Lose Belly Fat

The Real Skinny On How To Lose Belly Fat

Do you want to know how to lose belly fat? Losing belly fat really means losing fat. There is no way to really target fat loss unless you undergo surgery, which will cost you and ultimatly dissapoint you if you continue practice the same habits that got you the excess belly fat in the first place. So what are the habits that will get you the body your looking for. You will want to make changes in 3 main areas. Your diet, your exercise regimine, and other aspects. The “other aspects” category covers a few various things that don’t fit into the other categories.


The primary area you want to address is diet. This will have the biggest effect on your ability to lose fat and keep it off. With your diet you should look at caolries, meal timing, macronutrients, and meal frequency. If your now eating enough to maintian your current weight or even gaining, then you must decrease your caloric intake, but you must do so slowly. Do not decrease more than 200 calories per one to two week period. Also do not at any time go below a 1200 calories for women and 1800 calories for men. Meal composition should be controlled as well. Meal composition means the ratio of carbohydrate foods to proteins and fats. Early in the day you will want to eat the most carbohydrates whereas you will taper off as the day goes on, and by the end of the day your meal will be mostly protein. In general you want to emphasize protein while trying to lose weight, do this by keeping protein consistant throughout the day. Eat several smaller meals rather than 3 (or less) big ones.


Exercise is also a very important part of your fat loss program. The right kind of exercise can promote fat loss in several ways. First, any activity burns calories, the more intense the activity, the more calories burned. Second, the right kind of exercise can release fat burning, muscle building hormones into the blod stream for a significant amount of time after the exercise has stopped. Third, the right kind of exercise will build some lean tissue so that the body will have a higher resting metabolism and burn more calories while doing nothing. The best way to exercise to fulfill these goals is with brief, intense bouts of exercise. Less than an hour, but high intensity.

Other aspects:

Some other things that you can or must do to maximize fat loss and keep it off include: proper hyration from the right sources, proper rest and recovery, and supplementation. Drinking water instead of more sugery drinks can have a tremendous effect on fat loss because it will both lower daily calories and make your metabolism more efficient. Sleep, rest, and recovery help aid fat loss by minimizing hormones that store fat and burn muscle, and maximizing your daily functioning. Exercise and rest must be carefully balanced. Supplements like protein powder, protein bars, and even diet pills, if used properly can all aid in your fat loss efforts.


To lose fat and keep it off you must adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that allow you to do this. This is the real answer to how to lose belly fat. Aside from some pathalogical condition, it is possible for anyone to lose fat. Think long term, take things slowly. Use these tips to help you achieve your goals. Step by step will add up and you can make great strides in whatever direction you desire.


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