BREAKING NEWS: “They can score as many goals as they like, they’ll end up being the second or third best by the end of the season”– Manchester City Boss Pep Guardiola reveals his judgment on Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier League title alongside Arsenal this season, claiming he has TWO players he will utilize to knock Liverpool out of the title race.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has discussed the performances of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal.

As the race for the Premier League title intensifies this season, Guardiola shared his thoughts on the two clubs’ recent achievements and goal-scoring prowess.

Ahead of Manchester City’s FA Cup fifth-round match against Luton Town on Tuesday night, Guardiola highlighted Arsenal and Liverpool’s impressive goal-scoring records in recent fixtures.

Pep Guardiola: Chức vô địch Champions League là giấc mơ và nỗi ám ảnh - Báo  Quảng Ninh điện tử

Arsenal’s victories over Newcastle United, Burnley, West Ham United, and Liverpool, along with Liverpool’s wins against Luton Town, Brentford, Burnley, and Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final, were noted by Guardiola.

Quoted by BeanyManSports on Monday, Guardiola stated, “I am aware of how our opponents play, particularly Aston Villa, Arsenal, and Liverpool.”

Mikel Arteta kêu gọi Premier League mở rộng đội hình khi Arsenal gặp nhiều  chấn thương | CHUYÊN TRANG THỂ THAO

With Manchester City currently competing for the Premier League title, Guardiola emphasized the strength of his team, highlighting Erling Haaland’s return to form as a goal scorer and Kevin De Bruyne’s impressive performances.

Guardiola also mentioned De Bruyne’s upcoming contract negotiations and the team’s recent success in the Premier League, winning four out of their last five matches.

Despite being one point behind leaders Liverpool and one point ahead of Arsenal in third place, Guardiola expressed confidence in Manchester City’s ability to perform in the crucial stages of the season, citing their past success in winning multiple Premier League titles.

Guardiola believes that Manchester City’s players have the experience and determination to continue their winning streak and ultimately clinch the title once again.