NEWS: 10 biggest football matches to watch in 2024

10 biggest football matches to watch in 2024

The football matches coming up in 2024 are a dream come true for fans around the world.

The year 2024 is a significant one for international football with Euro 2024 and Copa America both taking place in the summer. Every year football continues to produce spectacular shows. From international football to domestic finals at the end of the season, it is full of drama. 2024 will be no different as the Champions League and Europa League continue to create intrigue around the world.

Football is the most watched sport in the world and it naturally brings in millions, if not billions, of viewers every year. However, there are certain events which excite even people who aren\’t typically interested in the sport. These 10 matches do exactly that.

Ranking Factors Significance – if a match is a final, it has been ranked near the top because they are the most important matches in the world for the fans. Stakes are at an all-time high. Rivalry – if a match is between two rivals (locally or politically), they are on the list. Rivalries have more tension – and usually drama – so you can never miss them every year. Popularity – matches that are more popular, usually finals, have been ranked at the top because they will be within the mainstream media. They will be easier to watch and be all over the news.