Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard :“I swear on my children’s life, he’s the guy that’s going to make the difference for Arsenal against Porto in the big match in the second leg”- £35M rated Arsenal star will be deciding factor in the second leg against Porto at Emirates and will help Arsenal reach the UCL quarter final if only Mikel Arteta didn’t decide to just drop him to the bench

‘Will make a difference’: Pundit says £35m Arsenal player will be crucial in the second-leg vs Porto

In the recent Champions League clash against Porto, Arsenal’s performance left much to be desired. It’s not just about being critical; the truth is, the Gunners failed to bring their A-game on Wednesday night. Despite their efforts, the north London club found themselves struggling to break through Porto’s defense. A late goal by Galeno dealt a surprising blow, leaving Arsenal with a bitter taste of defeat.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon with the upcoming second leg. Arsenal has a chance to redeem themselves, but it’s evident that significant improvements are necessary to secure a better outcome in the next match.

In a discussion on the Handbrake Off Podcast, Steven Gerrard shared insights on how Arsenal can bounce back in Europe. He emphasized the potential impact of Oleksandr Zinchenko’s return in the next game.

Gerrard highlighted the significance of Zinchenko’s presence, suggesting that the £35 million acquisition could be a game-changer. “I think they will come up with a way to keep the tempo high, make it a flowing game. I think Zini will make a difference, if he’s fit and available, Partey maybe, they shut off the middle of the pitch, and we have to be better in that regard in this game,” Gerrard remarked.

Despite not being among Arsenal’s marquee players, Zinchenko plays a crucial role in the team’s tactical approach. His ability to switch from full-back adds versatility, particularly in overloading the midfield—a strategy that Arsenal struggled to execute against Porto.

With hopes pinned on Zinchenko’s potential return for the second leg, there’s optimism that his presence could significantly impact the team’s performance and ultimately influence the outcome in a positive direction.